Conversation on Next Generation of Development Goals Post 2015

Jim Rice

Former LMG Project Director

Universal Health Coverage of quality services that protect, promote and restore health for all populations of a nation, particularly the marginalized and vulnerable. This must also include provisions and financing for good access to these covered services. This may then be referred to as UHC+A.

Working to achieve this goal will move and enable nations and communities to accomplish a series of other goals that pursue the previous health goals of the MDGs, as well as new targets that address coverage for such important challenges as non-communicable diseases, safe water, and basic medicines and vaccines.

Principles to Guide Pursuit of the Goal of UHC:

ESSE: Equity, Sustainability, Security, and Empowerment  (For more on these concepts, see p.9 of “Health in the Post 2015 Agenda, Report of the Global Thematic Consultation on Health," WHO, April 2013).

Strategies and Investments to achieve Universal Health Coverage+Access must address the removal of obstacles to UHC+A, that we chose here to refer to as “The Six Gs”:

  1. Gender (inequities and discriminations)
  2. Generations (weak engagement from very young and very old)
  3. Geography (disparities between rural and urban)
  4. Groundwater (shortages of drinking water and water for food production, and metaphor for climate)
  5. Gold (metaphor for need to find bold and innovative financing for the grand strategies)
  6. Governance (engaging and empowering all stakeholders)

Cross cutting enabling factors can also be referred to as the Six Is and the Six Ss, as shown below:

Inclusiveness Sustainable (in environmental and financial terms)
Information Sectoral (multiple players engaged)
Innovation Scale (broader impact and implementation)
Insight-sharing Stakeholders (full engagement and empowerment)
Imperatives South-South (shared learning)
Incentives Stability (of leadership)

This work needs full engagement by not just national but local governments, and also the private sector, NGOs and Civil Society.

James A. Rice, Ph.D., is the Project Director for the Leadership, Management & Governance (LMG) Project.