Creating a Vision for Success: LMG, Center for Victims of Torture Support Restart Lebanon

Joseph Dwyer

Technical Advisor

Photo of Suzanne Jabbour (lft), Executive Director, and Grace Jabbour, Project Assistant, both of Restart Lebanon.

Suzanne Jabbour (lft), Executive Director, and Grace Jabbour, Project Assistant, both of Restart Lebanon.  

Restart Lebanon provides rehabilitation services to survivors of torture or trauma and their families and works to prevent torture nationally and regionally through awareness raising and education. Their work is changing the way law enforcement professionals and educators think and act in relation to torture and violence, and helping to break the silence. A major focus of their work currently is assistance to Syrian refugees.

The Leadership, Management and Governance Project, in partnership with The Center for Victims of Torture and with support from USAID through the LMG project is assisting Restart to align the dedicated and challenging work of their staff with a clear vision for success and  improved ways of articulating and measuring results.