Good Governance Supports Evidence Based Health Care

Jim Rice

Former LMG Project Director

Sustainable health gains require evidence based practice of medical and nursing care. The capacity of clinical leaders to deliver such care, however, can be frustrating if governance decision-making fails to make available the resources and working conditions in which they can flourish. Leaders at the 6th Annual Conference on Evidence Based Health Care were encouraged to explore the evidence of not just smart clinical care processes for surgeries and chronic disease treatment, but for smart investments into primary care and basic Family Planning services.

Governance leaders in resource constrained countries can wisely steward their scarce resources (staffing, money and supplies) by studying those interventions that are the most cost effective for women' and children's health status via contraceptive services. Smart governance leaders will invest in these activities by understanding and embracing the scale-up strategies recently published by the International Best Practices Consortium out of Geneva:

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