Welcome to our new Blog

Jim Rice

Former LMG Project Director

Jim Rice, LMG Project DirectorWelcome to the launch of our new blog on the LMG Project Web Portal! We hope you can join us in a stream of conversations with health sector leaders from around the world in discussing a wide range of subjects related to leading, managing, and governing health systems. Authors will include our global staff; country based leaders, managers, and governing body members; those working within their governments and civil society organizations; health sector workers; and health service providers.

So, what can you expect?

We will be tackling three key questions:

1.  What are the challenges or obstacles to smarter management, leadership and governance in low and middle income countries, and what can be done to remove them?

2. What are good practices that help improve the effectiveness of those who manage, those who lead and those who govern in these health systems?

3.  What success stories and role models can be celebrated regarding those who are making a positive difference in the performance of these health systems?

We look forward to hearing your ideas on promoting inspired leadership, sound management, and transparent governance. Please check back often for frequent updates on our work.

James A. Rice, Ph.D., is the Project Director for the Leadership, Management & Governance (LMG) Project