LMG Mentoring Network: May Mentor of the Month

Sarah McKee

Project Associate

Christine Butegwa, from the International Planned Parenthood Federation, is our May Mentor of the Month.

Why did you want to be a mentor?

I have been lucky to have mentors who have helped me grow into the woman and leader I am today, both personally and professionally.

I believe mentorship is an essential component of leadership, both in molding yourself as an effective leader, but also in helping to mold the paths of other young women to leadership.

What sacrifices did you have to make in your journey to success?

Not having my family in the same place has been a sacrifice I've had to make over the course of my career.

I've had two regional postings where both times my husband and I have been forced to be in different countries due to our jobs. As a result, I had to raise our young kids while my husband and I are long-distance spouses and parents.

But we've both made it work so far, raising a family while pursuing our careers by supporting each other all the way.