Women's Mentoring Network: Advisory Board Spotlight

Sarah McKee

Project Associate

Every quarter, we will feature an interview with a different member of the Advisory Board for the Women's Mentoring Network. You will be able to hear their history, as well as their advice for succeeding in the workplace. This quarter's Advisory Board Member is Sue Richiedei. Sue is working for Plan International USA and has many years of experience working with youth and as a mentor.

Full interview with Sue:
Why do you think mentoring is important?
Women in all countries are called upon to fill many diverse roles and carry multiple responsibilities — both personal and professional — and the pressure and stress created by these busy lives do not often have an outlet. It is extremely challenging for women to find quality time to focus on themselves, their aspirations, and their limitations, not to mention the challenge of finding someone who can listen, support and encourage them. Coaching and mentoring is an effective means of providing women with objective and supportive feedback and encouragement. 
What has been your greatest professional accomplishment?
Designing and delivering leadership and management training to more than 650 women around the world and seeing the impact of the training on their lives.
What sacrifices did you have to make in your journey to success?
I don’t feel that I had to make any sacrifices along the way. Knowing that my family was always a priority enabled me to manage my career accordingly.
What is your advice to young women entering the workforce?
Don’t ever sacrifice your personal happiness for work or career. You will never look back at your life and wish you had worked harder or stayed longer at the office.