LMG Mentoring Network: August Mentee of the Month

Sarah McKee

Project Associate

The photo above is a picture of Angela Semanda with text from a interview with her as August Mentee of the Month for the East Africa Women's Mentoring Network. The photo also includes a map showing her home country as Uganda. Full text of the photo is below.  

Angela is the technical director of the Breeze Pharmacy Mutungo.

What do you want to do to improve reproductive health in your community:

As a pharmacist, I want to do more for reproductive health in my community. I have the idea to have days in which a doctor comes to the pharmacy can do STI testing and other medical consultations. This can encourage the local community to come to the pharmacy and access contraceptives.

What leadership skills do you think young women entering the workforce need:

Young women need to have communication skills. It is important to know how to communicate your ideas and vision in the workplace, and get your message heard by your supervisor. You must also have confidence and practice that confidence. You can put yourself in uncomfortable situations like public speaking, and ask a colleague or friend to tell you how you carried yourself.

What’s your advice for young women: 

  • Don’t get comfortable! You should also stay hungry and be peaking for new opportunities.
  • Do not wait for someone to do it for you, do it for yourself. 
  • Do things that make you uncomfortable.
  • Have patience and keep trying, and you will find an opportunity.