LMG Mentoring Network: November Mentor of the Month

Sarah McKee

Project Associate

Full Interview and text from photo:
Why did you want to be a mentor?
Mentoring is about holding each other’s hand and walking together. I believe is passing on skills and knowledge which mentoring does very well; LMG offered the opportunity to do this. If we don’t pass the skills and knowledge we possess to the next generation, especially in areas we are passionate about, like leadership in professional areas, all that we have accomplished is likely to go to waste.
What has been your greatest professional accomplishment?
I have contributed to steering policy designs such as the National Population Policy 2008 in Uganda and its National Action Plan; that have over the years seen the policy environment in the country shift. Being part of the founders of the Sexual Health Improvement Project that is today impacting youth’s lives in six districts make me humbled. It is a culturally sensitive model that provides adolescents with skills in decision making regarding their sexuality. Its results are changing behavior and lives.
What sacrifices did you have to make in your journey to success?
I have sometimes had to juggle the demands of my personal life with the pressures of my career especially in a male-dominated leadership environment. But it was worth undertaking.
What is your advice to young women entering the workforce in Africa?
Young women entering into workforce in African should seek mentors in their careers. You don’t have to do it alone. Have a personal and professional development plan. Get interested in organisation politics to get into profession leadership. Don’t just sit at the table; talk at the table; contribute. Think of yourself as a leader first, and a professional second then this will be the foundation to steer you through the challenges you will certainly navigate through. It will also be the trigger to new opportunities.