Jan 28 2015
Celebrating Community Health in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's Community Health Worker’s Day recognizes the hard work of the country’s CHWs and takes place each year on December 5.  

Jan 10 2015
Women, Girls and Universal Health Coverage: Who Is Accountable?

The burden of ensuring safe delivery does not fall solely on the shoulders of women and girls, but falls on all of us.

Dec 10 2014
Good Governance is Key to mHealth Intervention Success by Rebecca Simon

The first Global mHealth Forum, part of the 6th Annual mHealth Summit, took place December 10-11, 2014, just outside Washington, DC.

Dec 04 2014
The mHealth Pilot Experience in Nigeria: Leadership and Development Lessons Learned

Powerful platforms like SIMApp can provide data visualizations that governance-level teams can use to track achievements and provide targeted support.

Dec 02 2014
International Day of Persons with Disabilities by Sarah Jonassen Bittman

The Leadership, Management & Governance Project (LMG) is working to engage marginalized groups in stakeholder meetings, strategic partnerships, and program planning and budgeting to provide a seat at the table to groups that have historically had limited voice. 

Dec 02 2014
Supporting an AIDS-free Generation Through Tools and Resources for Improved Management by Sean Dryer

The theme for World AIDS Day this year is “Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-free generation.” The Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project has contributed to this vision over the past year through the by creating, supporting, and launching a series of tools for improved management of the HIV/AIDS epidemic at a variety of levels.

Nov 05 2014
Women must take expanded roles in health sector governance by Jim Rice

In our recent Roundtable with the Society for International Development Washington Chapter, panel of respected experts on smarter governance concluded that it is essential to have more women involved in all types of governing bodies for health, whether at provincial, national, or international levels in both the public sector and civil society organizations.

There is also need for bolder actions to better engage and support more women as they take their rightful roles in governing...

Oct 28 2014
New Mentoring Network Supports Women Leaders by Belkis Giorgis

The Leadership, Management & Governance Project (LMG) is launching the East Africa Women's Mentoring Network. We are calling upon women leaders who have worked in family planning and reproductive health as service providers, midwives, program managers, policy makers, teachers, advocates, and other relevant positions to support the aspirations of younger women. We are seeking ...

Oct 20 2014
Save the Dates for Ebola Seminar – October 28-30, 2014! by Rebecca Simon

LeaderNet invites you to join a 3-day virtual seminar on the subject of West African Ebola outbreak from October 28 – 30, 2014. This seminar is provided free of charge and is targeted to anyone interested in preparedness and response to any Ebola outbreak, trends, approaches, and specific interventions that are needed.

Oct 17 2014
Owning Change: Through Local Ownership, Development Organizations Evolve by Sylvia Vriesendorp

“How can we get better support from our diocese for our development initiatives,” the executive director of a Catholic charity in Madagascar wondered. She and her Board Chairman participated with 8 other NGOs in a strategic management and leadership workshop that was organized by the USAID|MIKOLO (pronounced Mikoul) project that MSH is implementing