Apr 04 2014
Let’s Make More Use of African Institutions by

This blog entry, written by Dr. Francis Omaswa and reposted from the African Health Systems Governance (ASHGOVNET) online forum, is an important discussion related to what it takes to create transformative and sustainable change.

Apr 03 2014
Scaling Up LMG Practices to Address Unwanted Pregnancies and Maternal Mortality in Uganda and Ghana by Katie Martin, Lourdes de la Peza

Despite improvements in recent years, significant challenges persist regarding access to family planning services across sub-Saharan Africa.

Mar 21 2014
Standardizing In-Service Training in L+M+G to Improve Health Systems in Ethiopia by Jemal Mohammed

Leadership and governance are one of the six building blocks of health systems (WHO). In Ethiopia, health sector leaders within the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) have made a concerted effort to increase the capacity of their staff through leadership training.

Mar 07 2014
Afghan Women Leaders: Growing Confidence, Clarity and Courage by Sylvia Vriesendorp

Sylvia Vriesendorp, MSH Global Technical Lead for Leadership, discusses building confidence in Afghan women leaders.

Feb 28 2014
Neutral's Not Enough: Institutionalizing Gender Equity for the Health of Women and Girls by Belkis Giorgis

This post originally appeared on MSH's Health Impact Blog.

For over four decades, MSH has promoted equal access to healthcare for women and girls in more than 135 countries, as we work toward our vision of "...

Feb 26 2014
Healthy Organizations Sustain Healthy Communities by Reshma Trasi

One of the ways that the LMG Project implements “management interventions” is by strengthening organizations.

Feb 06 2014
In The Name of Culture: A Reflection on International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting by Belkis Giorgis

This post origanlly appeared on MSH's Health Impact Blog.

In countries where female genital cutting is widely practiced, “culture/tradition/religion” feature prominently among the reasons why the practice began, and why it is perpetuated.

Jan 23 2014
Governance Academy on Stakeholder Engagement by Jim Rice

Stakeholder engagement is one of many essential practices for smart governance and effective governing bodies.

Jan 16 2014
Remembering Yusdiana, Disabilities Rights Activist by

It is with great sadness that the LMG Project team learned of the passing of Yusdiana, a well-known disabilities activist from Indonesia, after surgery on December 28, 2013.

Jan 15 2014
Participation of Civil Society is Essential to Country Ownership by

In this blog, Xavier Alterescu, Deputy Director of the LMG Project, discusses the importance of the participation of civil society to ensure that development interventions work, and investments pay off.