Building Evidence on Strong Health Systems

Cameroon Study Endline Report

Sustaining Leadership Development

Impact of a Health Governance Intervention on Provincial Health System Performance in Afghanistan

Leadership and Management Intervention Assessment Report

Long-term Technical Assistance Advisors

Network Strengthening Program Case Study

Digital Technology for Health Sector Governance

Data and evidence on the impact of leadership, management, and governance interventions to strengthen health systems are often difficult to gather, quantify, or measure.

But USAID’s deliberate support for monitoring, evaluation, and research enabled the Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project to investigate and shed light on the links between these essential soft skills and effective health system performance.

To build this evidence base, we have invested in program monitoring, evaluations, assessments, and research. In Cameroon, we partnered with the USAID-funded Evidence to Action Project to assess the added value of combining a leadership development program with clinical training on postpartum family planning service delivery, and in Afghanistan, we studied the impact of a health governance intervention on provincial health system performance.

We have evaluated many of our programs, like our LMG for Midwifery Managers Certificate Course, which produced an endline evaluation report and a technical brief detailing male engagement in antenatal care, and we have documented opportunities where information and communications technologies can help improve health system performance, like Utilizing Mobile-Based Peer Support Networks to Improve Midwifery Service Delivery and reviewing Digital Technology for Health Sector Governance.

Ahead of the LMG Project’s end, we examined more than 5,000 documents for our forthcoming evidence compendium, a five-chapter analysis documenting successful approaches, lessons, and emerging pathways linking leadership, management, and governance improvements to health service delivery and performance.