Community Leadership, Management & Governance Training Program

  • Published Date: July 2013
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The Community LDP trains community leaders in the importance of community values in leadership practices and provides them with the management tools that facilitate community management and participation. With an emphasis on empowerment, the Community LDP instills community leaders with ethical values that result in effective leadership. Involving the community and ensuring sustainability through local ownership, the Community LDP ensures greater health access and addresses the identified priority health issues of the community in line with MSH's Health Systems Strengthening approach.

Throughout the series of five workshops lead by trained facilitators, the Community Leadership Development Program encourages community leaders to address identified health and social challenges in their community by designing projects using the community's own resources.  In addition, the workshop participants – community leaders – are actively involved in the implementation of this training, ensuring that they have ownership over the entire training process. Coaching sessions are conducted between each of the five workshop sessions to ensure teams remain on target to achieve the goals that they have identified and shared with the community.