Digital Technology for Health Sector Governance

  • By: Isaac Holeman, Tara Patricia Cookson, and Claudia Pagliari
  • Published Date: September 2016
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This report summarizes the key findings of a study funded by USAID and conducted by researchers at Medic Mobile, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Edinburgh.

The study synthesizes published research on the actual and potential impacts of information and communications technology (ICT) usage on health sector leadership, management and governance in lower income countries.

In particular, this study focused on governance concerns such as transparency, accountability, and public participation, rather than management or leadership activities.

This report highlights the ways ICTs are being used or soon could be used to promote good governance of the health sector through greater accountability, transparency and public participation, and it identifies research and development priorities for scholars and innovators aiming to contribute to this nascent field.

The results of this scoping review were also published in The Journal of Global Health.