Effective Board Governance Training Program and Training of Trainers Program

  • Published Date: July 2013
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The Effective Board Governance (EBG) workshop is an organizational process that develops CSOs Board members and executive staff to learn governance, leadership and management practices, face challenges, and achieve measurable results.

This approach to governance and leadership development differs from traditional training programs that introduce theories and behaviors in a course setting. The EBG workshop is a process for teams to link learning to measurable organizational results.

The EBG Workshop Facilitator's Guide is a complete curriculum that can be used to develop local facilitators and sustain and scale up the EBG workshop using available local resources.

The EBG workshop can transform how Board members and executive staff use governing, leading and managing practices and produce results important to organizational success. It establishes a reliable way of initiating changes and monitoring the impact of those changes over time.