Electronic Dashboard Changes How Data is Managed for HIV/AIDS

  • Published Date: July 2016
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Despite recent progress, Haiti’s HIV and AIDS prevalence, at 2.2 %, is still the highest in the Americas.

The efforts of the National HIV and AIDS Prevention Program (PNLS) have often been hampered by lack of immediately available and visible data. How do you achieve targets, and adapt your interventions, if you do not know where you are?

Since 2013, the USAID-funded Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project in Haiti has been providing technical support to the Ministry of Public Health and Population and the PNLS in many aspects of health service and organizational development—including collecting, analyzing, and using data for better decision-making.

The LMG Project installed an electronic dashboard and touch-screen at the PNLS in March 2016, and provided coaching to the monitoring and evaluation staff to use it as an effective management tool. The dashboard shows what is happening with particular indicators at a glance, and users can manipulate variables with a touch.