Improve your Organization’s Performance with LMG’s Governance Guides, Handbooks, and Mobile App

By Mahesh Shukla

Governance in the health sector has been shown to be essential to creating stronger health systems and improving population health. There is an emerging body of evidence demonstrating that effective governance improves health outcomes. Conversely, poor governance overall, and especially in the health sector has contributed to poor health outcomes by making health systems less effective, less efficient, less equitable, and less responsive to people it is intended to serve.

The LMG Project applies an evidence-based approach to governance enhancement, and we have distilled five practices of good governance from literature reviews, surveys, interviews, roundtable discussions, and fieldwork: Cultivating Accountability, Engaging Stakeholders, Stewarding Resources, Setting a Shared Strategic Direction, and Continuous Governance Enhancement.

We believe that people at all levels of a health system—people who govern, manage, and provide health services—have a role to play in improving the governance of health services. We also believe that improving governance is a means to improve an organization’s and a health system’s performance.

We developed five Governance Guides to show how to improve the performance of your health system by working on its governance, and ultimately improve health of the populations you serve. The accompanying Governance Handbooks can be used by trainers and educators to teach the content of the Governance Guides.

Governance Guides

There are five governance guides—one guide based on each of the five practices: 1) Cultivating accountability, 2) Engaging stakeholders, 3) Setting shared strategic direction, 4) Stewarding resources, and 5) Continuous governance enhancement.

These guides address a broad audience in both public sector and civil society organizations. They are useful for people in Ministries of Health, provincial and district health systems, and public and non-government hospitals and health centers. They enable governing body members, directors, senior managers, and health professionals in the public sector and civil society organizations and networks delivering health care (e.g., family planning, reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and maternal, newborn, and child health services) achieve higher service performance by improving governance.

Through these guides, the LMG Project shares practical ways to govern your health system well. The guides will be especially helpful if you have limited or no prior experience in governing. If you are invited to perform a governing role, these guides will help you master the five evidence-based practices of good governance.

Governance Handbooks

The Governance Guides are a companion teaching tool to help trainers and educators deliver the content of the Governance Handbooks.

The handbooks give detailed guidance on setting up and conducting governance education through which the knowledge and skills in applying the five effective governing practices can best be mastered. They help trainers deliver a carefully designed learning experience consisting of: orientation, readings, reflection, self-assessment, workshop, development of a governance enhancement plan and an action plan to improve select measures of the organization’s performance, implementation of these plans, and presentation of results and lessons learned.

The Governance Guides and Governance Handbooks are available for free download on our website. You might also like The eManager: How to Govern the Health Sector and its Institutions Effectively, which describes our approach to improving governance in more detail. 

Govern4Health Mobile App

The Govern4Health mobile app puts the expert guidance of the Governance Guides in the palm of your hand. The app includes quizzes about the five practices of good governance as a tool for assessing where a health system’s weaknesses may be, and then offers practical suggestions for improvement – all packaged in the convenience of a smartphone app.  Additionally, the app regularly pushes guidance out to users, to help managers continuously improve their system’s governance. The app is an easily accessible resource for the evidence on why governance matters for health system strengthening. The app is currently available for Android and Apple devices.