Involving Private Health Facilities in the Fight Against Malaria in Guinea

  • Published Date: September 2015
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Heeding the proverb, “Knowledge, like a garden, cannot be harvested if it is not cultivated,” when the leaders of Guinea’s National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) learned that nearly 60% of all primary curative care consultations in the capital city of Conakry were at private health facilities, they knew they needed to enrich their knowledge. Digging deeper, they found that many private facilities did not follow the national malaria treatment and prevention guidelines: private providers prescribed drugs that were not recommended or were of unknown origin, did not collaborate with public health authorities, and rarely participated in district activities. As a result, data from private facilities--on the number of cases treated and how--was not integrated into district and municipal health reports. With an incomplete picture of malaria control activities, the NMCP struggled to make data-based decisions.