Join the East Africa Women's Mentoring Network

Have you ever felt frustrated because there are only a few women in leadership roles you can connect with? Have you ever experienced the stress of work/life balance? Do you want to expand your network and access quality FP/RH materials?

This is your chance to join the East Africa Women's Mentoring Network. We are calling upon women leaders who have worked in family planning and reproductive health as service providers, midwives, program managers, policy makers, teachers, advocates, and other relevant positions to support the aspirations of younger women. We are seeking mentees interested in learning from seasoned professionals and mentors with experience, wisdom, and enthusiasm.

The Leadership, Management & Governance Project (LMG) Project, led by Management Sciences for Health and in partnership with the International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Regional Office, is launching an online mentoring program for women in East Africa women who seek leadership roles in family planning and reproductive health.

The East Africa Women's Mentoring Network taps into a sorely underutilized resource: the leadership potential of women. The online mentoring network supports networking opportunities for women who either aspire to leadership positions or are currently in leadership positions by facilitating the transfer of critical information and skills.

Join us in making sure more women's voices are heard in the highest offices of family planning and reproductive health throughout all of East Africa. Join the East Africa Women's Mentoring Network today!