New LeaderNet Seminar: “Women in Leadership: Engaging the Next Generation”

The Leadership, Management & Governance (LMG) Project invites you to participate in the virtual seminar, “Women in Leadership: Engaging the Next Generation,” from March 17-20, 2015.  

The seminar, a follow-up from the January, 2014 "Women in Leadership" seminar, will be facilitated by Belkis Giorgis, Global Technical Lead for Gender and Gender Technical Advisor for the LMG Project and Sarah Lindsay, Senior Technical Officer for Global Advocacy and Partnerships for the LMG Project.

While women constitute a large portion of the health workforce, they are not represented equally in leadership, management, and governance roles.  During these four days we will discuss:

  • Women in Leadership: Progress being made
  • Mechanisms to Empower Women in Global Health
  • Mentoring as a Way Forward
  • Increasing Young Women in Leadership Roles

By the end of the seminar, participants will understand the challenges that women face in leadership positions, how mentoring and coaching can catalyze women leaders, and the importance of supporting young women as leaders in global health.

How to join the Women in Leadership Seminar on LeaderNet:

  1. Go to and log-in or register.
  2. Go to the "Women in Leadership: Engaging the Next GenerationSeminar Page and “Join” the group.
  3. Tell the other members about yourself by posting a comment on the seminar "Meeting Space".
  4. Participate March 17-20th and be able to access important materials on the topic, ask questions of MSH’s panel of experts, and participate in online discussion.
All participants who post in the discussion and complete an evaluation form will receive a certificate at the end of the seminar. We look forward to seeing you there!

Photo Credit: Gwenn Dubourthoumieu, Management Sciences for Health