New Year, New Tools

By Jim Rice

This year, the LMG Project launched or updated several tools and resources to help Ministries of Health, civil society organizations, and health professionals develop better leadership, management, and governance skills to improve the lives of people in developing countries.

As you make your resolutions for 2015, you may be asking questions like: Where do you want your organization and career to be this time next year? Do you want to have stronger leadership skills? Do you want to use more effective management practices? Would you like better ways to measure your organization’s governance or financial performance? How could you take advantage of a mentor?

We have improved two of our most popular tools and created a few new ones to help you achieve your personal and organizational goals, and we’re here to help you use them:

  • Improved Leadership Development Program Plus (LDP+): team-based learning to help overcome challenges and achieve results, focusing on country ownership, national health priorities, health indicators, and governance.
  • New Standard Management Dashboard: a custom tool that puts concise programmatic, financial, and management information at the fingertips of managers, board members, and donors that allows for quick decision making and performance improvement.
  • Improved an online tool to develop personal leadership skills.
  • New Governance Guides, Handbooks, and Mobile App: guidance for improving an organization’s or health system’s governance practices.
  • New Women’s Mentoring Network: an innovative online platform for women to connect with each other for personal and professional development.

Many of these tools were launched at an event in September, 2014.  “It was really worthwhile to hear about the larger strategy for the tools and training…It was especially useful to drill down and hear about some of the details of the handbook, the dashboard, and LDP+,” said Cathy Savino, Vulnerable Populations, Activity Director, USAID.

Our vision is a world in which those who manage, lead and govern are understood and highly valued, and where inspired leadership, sound management, and transparent governance lead to better health outcomes for all, including vulnerable populations worldwide. If you have been thinking of developing your own personal performance, or your organization’s effectiveness, try an LMG tool in 2015. If you want to learn about any of the resources mentioned here, please contact us