Passport to Leadership: Governance Tools

Passport to Leadership: Governance stamp icon.

Governance is setting direction, making policies, deploying resources, and overseeing progress towards objectives. In the words of Allan Armstrong, a young board member from Reproductive Health Uganda, “Governance is the decision-making body in a given institution.”

For organizations in the health sector, good governance means smarter decisions and improved services to help sustain health gains. There are a variety of tools and resources available to help organizations make good governance decisions. Much like a passport helps you reach a new destination, the USAID-funded Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project’s tools can help your organization achieve better governance.

Here are three tools that can stamp your Passport to Leadership for better governance:

  1. Bringing Youth to the Table: Governance for Young People course
  2. Forging Youth-Adult Partnership on the Board
  3. IPPF Africa Region Board Governance Training Manual

Bringing Youth to the Table: Governance for Young People

This self-paced online course strengthens young people’s governance skills and teaches them how to be actively involved in governing. Designed for youth new to governance as well as those already participating in one way or another, the two-part course takes approximately three hours to complete.

The course uses video demonstrations and interactive knowledge checks to teach what governance is, how young people can become involved, and how to implement the four practices of good governance—cultivating accountability, engaging stakeholders, setting shared strategic direction, and stewarding resources.

A certificate will be provided for those who complete the full course, which is available now on LeaderNet.

Forging Youth-Adult Partnership on the Board

The International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region (IPPFAR), an LMG Project consortium partner, recognizes the importance of young people as clients and leaders by requiring at least 20 percent youth on member association governing boards.

To facilitate smooth functioning of member association boards, the LMG Project developed Forging Youth-Adult Partnerships on the Board in English and French that reflects on the challenges youth and adult board members often face in building effective inter-generational relationships while serving on a board and offers some actions board members of all ages can take to overcome these challenges.

This guide also covers general topics like the governing board and members’ roles and responsibilities, board governance practices and procedures, and approaches to building young members’ professional skills. Although organized with instructions for use in a facilitated workshop format, youth and adult board members can use the content and exercises for individual learning.

Available now in: English | Français

Updated IPPF Africa Region Board Governance Training Manual

While new board members often bring strong professional expertise to a governing body, they may not be prepared with the governance skills they will need in their new roles.

The LMG Project updated the IPPF Africa Region Board Governance Training Manual with experiential learning approaches and guidance to facilitators.

Facilitators can use the updated manual—in English or French—to orient governing body members and senior management teams to effectively govern their member associations and achieve their strategic objectives, ultimately improving sexual and reproductive health in their communities.

In March 2016, the LMG Project and IPPF rolled out the updated manual during a training of trainers in Nairobi, Kenya, for 35 board members from member associations in nine sub-Saharan African countries. Participants learned the importance of good governance for their member associations, to apply the key practices of good governance, and to uphold IPPF’s values of governance within their governing bodies.

After the March 2016 training of trainers, these newly minted experts then held similar governance trainings for their members, like a training organized in August 2016 by Association Togolaise pour le Bien-Etre Familial (ATBEF), the IPPF member association in Togo. After the training, participants like Djemila Abdoulaye, President of ATBEF Regional Audit Committee, used the governance training manual and youth-adult partnership guide. Djemila explained that before the training, she did not know much about the role of management and governance, but these resources will help her better represent her region's volunteers and ensure the association's smooth operation.

Available now in: English | Français