Reaching New Heights in Strengthening Health Systems

Over the last six years, the USAID-funded Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project has worked with partners to build the capacity of health systems in over 90 countries around the world. We have helped partners deliver more responsive services to more people while ensuring equitable access to services. At the core of our work is an understanding that health systems face persistent challenges that limit service delivery, but that simple and adaptable tools can help health workers identify the root causes of these challenges and overcome them.

In early 2016, the LMG Project launched Passport to Leadership, a campaign of events, publications, and stories about the transformative power of stronger leadership, management, and governance. Just as a passport enables someone to travel between countries and learn about new cultures; strong leadership, management, and governance skills help people travel to new levels in their careers and toward achieving their organization’s mission.

Within the last few months, the LMG Project hosted three Passport to Leadership end of project events that shared tools and approaches that support organizational readiness, promote institutional resilience, improve health system performance, and deliver sustainable improvements in health outcomes.

Navigating devolved health systems

On March 2, 2017, the LMG Project organized Passport to Leadership: Navigating devolved health systems in Nairobi, Kenya. We convened members of academia, the donor community, implementing organizations, and representatives of district ministries of health to discuss how leadership, management, and governance strengthening can improve health system responsiveness and accountability in decentralized settings. Speakers presented examples of the project’s and partners’ work across the East Africa region and highlighted the importance of building the evidence base to better understand how strengthening leadership, management, and governance affects service delivery.

Unlocking the potential of individuals, teams, and nations

On April 6, 2017, Passport to Leadership: Unlocking the potential of individuals, teams, and nations broadened the conversation by focusing on the project’s global scope. Held in Washington, DC, the event brought together LMG Project stakeholders to discuss the transformative power of leadership, management, and governance development to improve health system performance and service delivery outcomes. There were several panels that included project partners from around the world and talked about how our work affected individuals, organizations, and countries. The event also featured an interactive “solutions marketplace” that highlighted tools developed and successful approaches implemented under the LMG Project.

Small group discussions using an interactive fishbowl methodology encouraged deeper conversations on leadership, management, and governance aspects of disability and inclusion; governance and accountability; evidence; decentralization; and quality of care. These discussions sparked ideas about how to build on the LMG Project’s successes and ensure continued support for leadership, management, and governance strengthening after the end of the project.

Advancing resilient systems for a sustainable HIV response

On May 17, 2017, the LMG Project hosted Passport to Leadership: Advancing resilient systems for a sustainable HIV response to celebrate lessons learned and tools developed with support from USAID’s Office of HIV/AIDS. This half-day event featured discussions of how leadership, management, and governance strengthening builds resilient institutions, with examples from the Middle East and North Africa region, Nigeria, and Ukraine; and on the importance of strong governance for strong health systems. This event also featured a “solutions marketplace” of tools created under the LMG Project that can contribute to the achievement of an AIDS-Free Generation.

Featured Resource: Governance Roadmaps Toward Priority Health Targets

As strategic management tools, roadmaps force deep thinking, explain where teams are going, and help them stay on track.

These three Governance Roadmaps are practical guides that help you identify governance-related barriers that are keeping you from reaching your health goal. The tool recommends actions that can be taken to address the barriers. Users will learn from real-life examples and find tools and resources to help them better understand the role of governance, at different levels of the health system, in achieving priority health targets.

AIDS-Free Generation

Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths

Universal Access to Family Planning and Reproductive Health