Responsibility and Authority Mapping Process (RAMP) Tool and Guide

  • Published Date: July 2013
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To help policymakers, senior managers or stakeholder groups identify those health management functions for which responsibility and management authority are most ambiguous, in either a single area of the organization such as personnel or financial resources or at the national health system level.

Whenever there are changes in the health system, it is likely that at least some of the new roles are not spelled out in sufficient detail. The RAMP is designed to reveal and compare perceptions of health managers or stakeholder representatives regarding the distribution of responsibility and authority among management levels or stakeholder groups. The RAMP can be used to:

  • assess whether health managers or stakeholders currently share the same perceptions of how responsibility and authority are distributed;
  • examine opinions about the way these powers should be allocated in the future;
  • analyze perceptions at different points in time to see whether management roles become clearer over time; and
  • study whether the distribution of management responsibility and authority shifts in a desired direction.