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Cover of "Integration of Leadership and Management Practices into Pre-service Medical Education Curriculum" brief.

Integration of Leadership and Management Practices into Pre-service Medical Education Curriculum

Effective and efficient health service delivery can quickly be undermined when health professionals are promoted into leadership or management positions because of seniority or clinical expertise.

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Equipping Future Health Professionals with Leadership, Management, & Governance Competencies

This case study explores the successes and challenges that Regina Pacis University College, in Nairobi, Kenya, faced to integrate leadership, management, and governance competencies into their pre-service curriculum.

Cover of "Cameroon PPFP Study Endline Report."

Cameroon PPFP Study Endline Report

Increasing access to and uptake of postpartum family planning (PPFP)--family planning services started during the 12 months following delivery--has the potential to connect many women with life-saving information and services that prevent unintended pregnancies and avoid potentially adverse healt

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Personnel Coaching

A 2013 Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) Project situation analysis of the Guinea National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) revealed weaknesses in the quality of human resources; the program staff was receiving no guidance or coaching and was unaware of their role and responsibilities.

Cover of "Future Health Leaders and Managers in Action" technical brief. (Photo: MSH)

Future Health Leaders and Managers in Action

Since 2012, the USAID-funded Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project has provided in-service leadership, management, and governance skills building courses for more than 1,800 health leaders and managers at all levels of Ethiopia's health system.

Cover of LMG/Ethiopia In-service Training technical brief. (Photo: MSH)

Development, Institutionalization, and Scale up of Leadership, Management, and Governance Practices in the Health Sector - Lessons and Results from Ethiopia

Too often, graduates of medical, nursing, or other professional schools complete their pre-service training programs and enter their posts unprepared to deal with a variety of challenges that face them.

Cover of "Managing Human Resources," chapter 6 of Health Systems in Action.

Managing Human Resources, Chapter 6 of Health Systems in Action

This publication shows that effective human resource management (HRM) is important in any public- or private-sector organization and essential when public health crises collide with workforce shortages.

Afghanistan National In-service Training Guide

Afghanistan National Strategy on Human Resource for Health (HRH) Capacity-Building with focus on In-service Training

Employee Satisfaction Survey

What is it?  The Employee Satisfaction Tool is brief questionnaire that was developed to establish a baseline data on employee satisfaction.