• Published Date: July 2013
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Poor governance, overall and especially in the health sector, has contributed to poor health outcomes in many low and middle income countries. There is evidence in the literature that shows effective governance improves health outcomes. Published empirical literature on how people who lead, govern and manage perceive governance in the context of health is very limited.

By: Mahesh Shukla, MD, MPA 

By: Mahesh Shukla, MD, MPA and Belkis Giorgis, PhD

Health practioners getting trained in GhanaPhoto: Rui Pires

Why is Gender-Responsiveness in Health Governance so Important? Mahesh Shukla, MD, MPA,

By: Dana Karen Ciccone, MIA

In this article, Dana Karen Ciccone gives a primer in how the Leadership, Management & Governance Project’s Senior Leadership Program is making health governance accessible to health leaders around the globe.

SLP Dana Ciccone

By: Mahesh Shukla, MD, MPA

  • By: Reshma Trasi, MBBS, MHA, MPH

Do L(eadership) + M(anagement) + G(overnance) interventions result in improved service delivery outcomes (and therefore better health outcomes)?

By: Sasha Grenier, MPH and Reshma Trasi, MBBS, MHA, MPH

A rapid assessment of integration of L+M curricula carried out by the Leadership, Management and Sustainability (LMS) predecessor project shows promise with regard to sustainability, and is helping to guide similar efforts by the LMG project.



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