• By: Catherine Campbell
  • Contributed by: Yugi Nair
  • Published Date: April 2007
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Building contexts that support effective community responses to HIV/AIDS: a South African Case Study discusses a health-enabling social environment, and some of the strategies currently being used to build social contexts to support effective HIV/AIDS management in southern Africa. It specifically focused on residents of Entabeni, a remote rural community in South Africa where 43 percent of pregnant women are HIV positive.

  • By: International HIV/AIDS Alliance
  • Published Date: January 2008
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This guide aims to support the scale up of community-based HIV and harm reduction programmes in developing and transitional countries. It looks at practice and research in developing and transitional countries and the principles underlying practice and research in resource-rich countries. It also sets out an approach to programming at the community level, where communities are fighting poverty, rapid social change, in settings where thereare low levels of capacity or political support for harm reduction programmes

  • By: Leadership, Management, and Governance Project
  • Contributed by: USAID
  • Published Date: May 2012
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The objective of the LMG Project is to support health systems strengthening by addressing the gap in leadership, management, and governance (L+M+G) capacity of policy makers, health care providers, and program managers to implement interventions of high impact that strengthen health management and service delivery systems at all levels and ensure the quality of health service provision. To accomplish this objective, the LMG project will deploy its resources and focus its effort on accomplishing three key results.

  • By: Saul Helfenbein
  • Contributed by: Catherine Severo
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Scaling Up HIV/AIDS Programs is a manual (2004) based on MSH's experience in Tanzania that explains in detail how to determine resource needs and provides templates for defining needs in all the areas related to HIV and AIDS (such as medicines, supplies, equipment, training, and construction) and for calculating the associated costs and creating budgets. The process yields plans and working groups for areas such as human capacity development, operations research, and monitoring and evaluation.


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