In Nicaragua, LMG is working with the International Committee for the Red Cross Special Fund for the Disabled to strengthen the organizational capacity of one of their partner organizations, Fundación para la Rehabilitación Walking Unidos, or FURWUS, based in Leon, Nicaragua. FURWUS provides physical rehabilitation and socio-economic integration services for persons with disabilities in Nicaragua and Honduras since 1998. FURWUS and its three prosthetic outreach clinics and economic integration program represent one of the most important locally-owned and operated civil society organizations present in Central America today. By working with FURWUS on improving its capacity to more effectively address the needs of persons with disabilities and to develop a strategic plan for financial and managerial sustainability, LMG has been able to provide technical assistance and support to ensure that the organization can meet these goals. LMG’s technical approach for building FURWUS’s capacity has two main components: facilitating the development of a strategic plan, and the development of a business plan.