Jul 31 2015
Scale-up Workshop Sets Stage for ECOWAS Forum on Good Practices in Health

The pre-Forum workshop provided a framework to assess approaches for systematic scale-up of successful interventions in order to reach more beneficiaries and to institutionalize good practices, thereby making the interventions more sustainable.

Jul 24 2015
Improving Local Governance for Maternal and Newborn Health Gains

Cultivating accountability in local health governing bodies can improve health services and outcomes.

Jul 21 2015
Making the Case for Leadership in the SDGs

Fostering strong leadership, management, and governance capacity develops resilient and sustainable health systems.

Jul 15 2015
Finance 101: Funding Global Health

Training sub-national health leaders and managers on effective financial management will increase health system resilience during global austerity.

Jul 13 2015
Leadership Breaks Down Barriers to Health Services in Uganda

In Uganda, one in every four teenage girls between 15 and 19 is already a mother or pregnant. Children born to adolescent mothers are less likely to make it to their fifth birthday, and face a substantially higher risk of dying than those born to women ages 20-24.

Jul 08 2015
50 Years of Population and Reproductive Health

Faced with expanding population and scarce resources, family planning and reproductive health services are a necessity to ensure health, safety, and dignity.

Jul 06 2015
Working ‘Miracles’ for Drug Supply Advances Reproductive Health in Gulu, Uganda

Gulu Branch Health Center is one of the busiest clinics in the country—serving over 25,000 clients with sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services per month. When demand outpaced Gulu’s supply of sexually transmitted infection (STI) drugs and other essential medicines, the clinic could not continue offering essential SRH services.