Aug 31 2015
Benin Integrates Gender for Universal Health Access

Benin’s Gender Mainstreaming Strategy will help staff integrate gender concerns and provide responsive and equitable access to health services.

Aug 21 2015
Saving Lives in West Africa: All Hands on Deck
More than 300 health professionals, researchers, donors, implementing partners, and stakeholders gathered at the first ECOWAS Forum on Good Practices in Health, held July 29-31 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
Aug 12 2015
Tomorrow’s Health Leaders

Supporting the next generation of health leaders has always been a key component of LMG Project activities, technical assistance, and expertise; and it remains so today.

Aug 10 2015
LMG Mentoring Network: August Mentee of the Month

Each month, we feature an interview with a different member of the LMG Project’s East Africa Women’s Mentoring Network. This month, hear Angela Semanda’s powerful story, and her advice for succeeding in the workplace.