Antoine Ndiaye

LMG/Cote d’Ivoire Project Director

Dr. Ndiaye is a public health practitioner with more than 20 years of professional experience. He has demonstrated success leading and managing a diverse variety of donor-funded programs working to address RH, MCH, HIV/AIDS, commodity security, and capacity building needs. During his more than 13 years working with MSH, he served as MSH’s Regional Commodity Security Planning Coordinator for the Action for West Africa Regional Project (AWARE-RH) where he led and coordinated commodity security activities in 21 countries working closely with regional institutions such as CESAG in Senegal and IRSP in Benin. He currently serves as a Principal Technical Advisor for MSH’s Center for Leadership and Management, providing technical assistance to projects globally. Antoine has served as Technical Support Lead (TSL) for MSH field support (under LMG) and one proposal in Haiti that are focused on RH/FP, RHCS, HIV/AIDS, integrated health services, Leadership, Management, and Governance, and other relevant technical areas. Prior to his current position, Dr. Ndiaye served during five years as the Project Director for the LMS/Haiti program, where he oversaw all LMS activities in country; coordinated with the Ministry of Public Health and Population, USAID, and UNFPA in the development of project activities; and built relationships with project partners on behavior change related FP, HIV/AIDS, commodity security, community mobilization, and leadership and development. Dr. Ndiaye has a doctorate in Pharmacy and is fluent in French and English. Contact: [email protected].