David Chase

Grants Manager, AMREF

David Chase will support Dr. Ngatia and the Capacity Building team at AMREF Headquarters with grant management and will serve as a liaison for AMREF with the LMG team. David is currently Grants Manager at the African Medical Research Foundation, USA. In that capacity he is in charge of grants fundraising in the U.S. from corporations, foundations, and U.S. government agencies.  He has worked with colleagues in the various AMREF offices to develop successful proposals to the CDC, USAID, ASHA, and various private funding agencies. Before coming to AMREF, David worked as a marketer in the media industry where he developed marketing strategies and presentations for magazines and newspapers in support of advertising sales. He spent 13 years at The New York Times prior to coming to AMREF.  David is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University (business administration) and holds an M.A. degree in music from Teachers College, Columbia University. Contact: [email protected]