Governing for Better Health: MSH Survey, 2011

  • Published Date: August 2012
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Management Sciences for Health (MSH) conducted a survey of health sector leaders from across the world in February-March of 2011 to find out their views on governance practices within the health sector: what good governance is, as well as factors that either prevent or promote good governance for better health outcomes. A total of 140 senior health leaders were identified through their membership in “LeaderNet,” an online forum developed by MSH during its work in the USAID supported Leadership, Management and Sustainability Project from 2005-2010. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of the respondents were from Africa, 20% from Asia, and 12% from the rest of the world. In addition, forty percent (40%) came from civil society organizations, 25% national, state or local levels of the government, and 12% worked in the private sector and for international organizations.