Karen Caldwell

LMG/Haiti Director

Karen Caldwell is the Project Director for the Haiti Leadership, Management, and Governance Project (LMG/Haiti) based in Port au Prince.

She has substantial experience implementing and providing technical oversight and strategic direction to public health programs. In her current position with Management Sciences for Health, Ms. Caldwell is primarily responsible for leading the strategy and overseeing the project team members to support the MOH Contracting Unit to manage all sources of funding with a focus on improving quality and access to health services; strengthen select MOH directorate capacity to better regulate, manage, and monitor the health system; work with the State University Hospital (HUEH) in Port au Prince and the Global Fund’s Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) to improve their financial oversight and accountability leading to improved performance and coordination; and strengthen the capacity of the MSPP and local implementing partners to engage, inform and elevate awareness of the Haitian Public and Diaspora on key health issues for the country.

Prior to coming to Haiti, Ms Caldwell worked in Kenya as the Project Director for the Leadership, Management and Sustainability program where she led the team to strengthen the leading and managing skills of the Kenyan health workforce, impact the sustainability of local health organizations through management systems strengthening and organizational capacity development and sustaining project results through policy change and knowledge and skills transfer to local organizations. Prior to becoming a project director, Ms. Caldwell was the Senior Program Officer for the Leadership, Management and Sustainability program in East Africa where she worked closely with regional organizations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to build their leadership and management capacity thereby enhancing their long-term organizational sustainability.

Additionally, Ms Caldwell has worked with MSH providing short-term technical assistance in reproductive, maternal and child Health, primarily in the West Africa Region, and working for the Business and Resource Development Department at MSH. Ms. Caldwell has an MPH from Boston University in Maternal and Child Health and International Health. She is fluent in English and French.