Passport to Leadership

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USAID first responded to the essential need for soft skills training in the health workforce in 1985, investing in the Family Planning Management Training program, and they have continued their leadership in this through the Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project.

Over the intervening years, we have recognized that just as a passport enables someone to travel between countries and learn about new cultures, strong leadership, management, and governance skills help take individuals and institutions to a whole new level of performance.

Passport to Leadership tells the stories of individuals, networks, organizations, and government agencies dedicated to delivering more responsive services to more people, or having benefitted from leadership, management, and governance training.

Publications & Reports

Passport to Leadership: Summary of 2016 Discussion Series Events



Alemmeh Tessema

Solving Problems and Sharing Ideas

Alemmeh Tessema

The LDP+ is a Mirror

Fatuma Abafita

Reproductive Health Uganda (Photo: Julius Kasujja)

The LDP+ is a Necessity for All

Reproductive Health Uganda

Dr. Cissy Kityo (Photo: Julius Kasujja)

The Shining Star

Dr. Cissy Kityo

Mengistu Hagazi from Ayder Referral Hospital (Photo: Dawit Tibebu/Mopix Productions)

Turning Back the Clock

Ayder Referral Hospital