When Midwives Lead and Manage

  • By: Maeve Conlin, Sarah McKee, and Katie Martin
  • Published Date: June 2016
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The USAID-funded Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project  developed an in-service leadership, management, and governance certificate course for midwives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The LMG for Midwifery Managers Certificate Course consists of a five-day workshop that uses adult-learning exercises to teach participants six skills critical for professional preparation, but missing in clinical education: 1) advocacy; 2) change management; 3) coaching and mentoring; 4) data use for decision-making; 5) strategic problem solving; and 6) teamwork and communication.

The LMG for Midwifery Managers Certificate Course was piloted in 2014 with midwife participants in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda. In 2015, the LMG Project trained a second cohort with midwives from Lesotho, Rwanda, South Sudan, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

The course is facilitated by two midwifery trainers who were first trained in a Training of Trainers workshop by LMG Project consortium partner Amref Health Africa. Following this workshop, the trainers returned to their countries and to conduct a similar training for 10 midwife participants.

This report assesses the relative success of midwife participants’ action plans according to two criteria:

  1. Progress made toward achievement of the target defined in the action plan
  2. Perceived changes in service delivery due to the utilization of leadership, management, and governance skills.