Guide for Continuous Governance Enhancement

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Continuous Governance Enhancement

Good governance is not static. It is dynamic, always seeking ways to improve the performance of the four essential practices described in the other guides. Those who govern must make individual and collective  commitment to continuously enhance the strategies, structures, and style of the governing practices. Work in the health sector of low- and middle-income countries shows that the task of continuous governance enhancement includes eight essential strategies:
  1. Cultivate governance competencies
  2. Build diversity in the governing body
  3. Governance orientation and education
  4. Governance assessments
  5. Effective governing body meetings
  6. Governance policies
  7. Governance technologies
  8. Continuous governance enhancement
A variety of tools and resources to support the implementation of activities for these strategies are provided in the Appendices of this guide. In this guide, “you” should be interpreted as you the leader who governs – working with your governing body and the senior management team.