May 31 2013
How Do We Measure Impact? by Reshma Trasi

The results of organizational capacity development and how the LMG Project’s work, around the world, responds to it.

May 31 2013
Let Girls Be Girls, Not Brides. by

Putting an end to girl brides and child marriage, a recent discussion @ Women Deliver evaluates where the world stands today, tomorrow and the future of ending forced marriages.

May 29 2013
Youth leaders demand a place at the table by Sarah Lindsay

Youth has been a buzzword throughout the Women Deliver 2013 conference. In panels and plenaries of all topics, the importance of including youth leaders has kept bubbling to the surface. With this interest, it was not surprising that the Youth Leadership and Participation panel was crowded on Wednesday afternoon at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.  ‘

May 29 2013
“It is important for political will to be maintained” by Sarah Lindsay

Wednesday morning’s plenarysession highlighted successes in multiple countries in increasing access to family planning. These inspiring successes in countries like Senegal, the Philippines, Zambia, and Malawi had two things in common: political commitment and strong leadership.

May 28 2013
Photo Blog: Women lead with… by Sarah Lindsay

The theme of the first day of Women Deliver 2013 was Investing in Women and Girls. During the day, LMG held a panel on investments in women as leaders of the health system and at the Management Sciences for Health (MSH) booth, we asked conference attendees to tell us the diverse…

May 28 2013
"Women are resourceful. Women persevere. Women are capable of leading." by Sarah Lindsay

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Belkis Giorgis was in North Nigeria at a health clinic. At this clinic, Giorgis asked the midwives why women continue to prefer to deliver their babies at home. The midwives told her that the clinic throws away the placenta after delivery, while giving birth at home allowed the women to bury their placenta as is traditionally done. Giorgis then inquired why the midwives did not fix this seemingly easy obstacle. “I don’t have a voice,” the midwife said. “The men [at the…

May 28 2013
Women Deliver Opening Plenary: “Leadership is what this meeting is all about” by Sarah Lindsay

With the plenary hall at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center overflowing, Women Deliver president Jill Sheffield opened the third global advocacy conference along with a group of esteemed academics and politicians including Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

“Leadership is what this meeting is all about,” Sheffield said. “Leadership to make changes. We need to stay ahead of the curve to move forward and the world is changing quickly. Leaders grab change…

May 27 2013
Women Leaders Deliver Results by Jim Rice

James A. Rice gives us some takeaways from the Women Leaders Deliver Results Panel at the Women Deliver 2013 Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

May 27 2013
Photo Blog: Welcome to Women Deliver by Sarah Lindsay

Bringing together thousands government leaders, health professionals, policy makers, and others, Women Deliver 2013 welcomed attendees with a reception and preview of exhibits Monday evening. The conference is bringing together influential change makers to promote the health and empowerment of women. For those not in attendance, LMG will be providing live…

May 23 2013
Wow, So Many Lights by

Dana Karen Ciccone tells us about her experience in implementing the Senior Leadership Program (SLP), a six-month executive-style certificate program in Kigali, Rwanda.