Leadership Development Program Plus (LDP+)

The Leadership Development Program Plus (LDP+) is the enhanced version of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) first delivered by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) in 2002. The LDP+ builds on the unique features of the LDP: an experiential learning and performance improvement process that empowers people at all levels of an organization to learn leadership, management, and governing practices; face challenges; and achieve measurable results.

Since MSH introduced the LDP, participating organizations in more than 40 countries have used this proven process to transform how teams deliver health services. Working on real workplace challenges over time, teams receive feedback and support from coaches and facilitators to:

  • Create an inspiring shared vision for addressing a priority health area.
  • Apply leading and managing practices to improve teamwork and effectiveness.
  • Use the Challenge Model process to identify and achieve desired measurable results.
  • Align stakeholders around a common challenge.