Jun 27 2013
Amplifying Women’s Voices in Health Leadership by Jim Rice

The LMG Project moves to support women’s mentoring networks in the health sector of low- income countries, we look for inspiring and relatable stories about women leaders like Alyse Nelson, the CEO of Vital Voices, and Sabera Turkmani, the President of the Afghan Midwives Association (AMA). 

Jun 12 2013
How Better Leadership, Management and Governance Has Improved Health Programs in Afghanistan by

Director of LMG/Afghanistan talks of the current health status of his country and its future.

Jun 11 2013
Creating a Vision for Success: LMG, Center for Victims of Torture Support Restart Lebanon by Joseph Dwyer

The LMG Project is working to align the dedicated and challenging work of Restart Lebanon.

Jun 05 2013
Flying Halfway Around the World and Creating a Real Fundamental Change by Lourdes de la Peza

After many legs of a journey, the best part is touching down and touching the lives of others.

Jun 04 2013
Conversation on Next Generation of Development Goals Post 2015 by Jim Rice

Overarching Health Sector Goal for Global Development 2025 and Universal Health Coverage Access

Jun 03 2013
World Clubfoot Day – June 3rd by Sarah Jonassen Bittman

Raising awareness for clubfoot and our work with Ponseti International Association for World Clubfoot Day – June 3rd!