Cote d’Ivoire

In Cote d’Ivoire, the Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) project provides technical assistance to build the capacity of the Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), the Global Fund Primary Recipients (PRs) and sub-recipients in leadership, management and organization, monitoring and evaluation, supervision, proposal development, and resource mobilization. Technical assistance is designed to help clarify the roles and responsibilities of the CCM and the PRs with the goal of enabling these entities to fulfill their critical functions and be effective players in rallying all sectors to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB.  
By strengthening the CCM, the PRs, and sub-recipients, the LMG Project will help create more stable, transparent, and efficient national structures capable of winning and managing increased levels of Global Fund and other donor funding. Capacity building will also help strengthen the project management and monitoring capacities of PRs and sub-recipients. To contribute to sustainable capacity building, the LMG Project will extend the program with Web-based tools and a facilitator guide for ongoing training for new CCM members, PR staffers, and other stakeholders on governance and transparency.