The main objective of the LMG/Ethiopia program is to improve the leadership and management capacity of the Ethiopian health workforce. To meet this objective, LMG/Ethiopia is collaborating with the Federal Ministry of Health, regional health bureaus, zonal and district health offices, training institutions, professional health associations, and civil service organizations to create a process for systematically building leadership, management, and governance competencies of the Ethiopian health workforce. The goal is to strengthen the health system and improve access to—and quality and utilization of—priority health services for Ethiopian citizens. LMG/Ethiopia also continues to work with Ethiopian health leaders to put in place management systems for harmonized, standardized, and accredited in-service training in leadership, management, and governance for the Ethiopian health workforce, including the mainstreaming of gender into all of its training programs.

Specifically, the LMG Project has been working with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Ethiopia to improve the implementation of physical rehabilitation policies through the implementation of a Regional Senior Leadership Program (SLP). A key initiative of the LMG project, the SLP develops the leadership capacity of senior health practitioners to address challenges and achieve results that are important to the health and health care of their community.

Additionally, the LMG Project supports the delivery of the World Health Organization’s Wheelchair Service Training Package in Ethiopia by partnering with local wheelchair service organizations to apply a comprehensive approach to support newly trained service providers, train service managers, and engage stakeholders to develop an enabling environment for wheelchair services.