An estimated 50,000 people were wounded in 2010 in Libya’s eight-month civil war. Many of the injured combatants and citizens have received surgical and medical care, some of them overseas, and now they require short- and long-term rehabilitation in Libya. At the request of USAID and the Government of Libya, the LMG/Libya program has set out to provide technical assistance aimed at enhanced care and support for the war wounded as the country recovers from the civil war.

LMG/Libya’s support to the Ministry of Social Affairs focuses on building human capacity at the Swani Rehabilitation Center, including strengthening transferable skills that can be used at other rehab centers in Tripoli and around the country. The LMG Project is also supporting the new Ministry of Wounded and Missing (MOWM) with the development of the ministry’s strategy and structure to ensure its success, including an assessment of leadership, management and governance strengths and weaknesses, and through prioritized technical assistance that will enable MOWM leaders to address their challenges and ensure that quality services are provided to the war wounded.