7 Ways That You Can Make Your Living Space Harmonious

We all know how things are at present here in Australia, with the stresses and strains of working life, our personal space takes on a special importance. We can unwind and relax when we get home after a long day and if you would like to make your interior a harmonious space, here are a few ways to bring harmony into the mix.

Living Space Harmonious

  1. Background music – Set up a couple of portable speakers and create a playlist of Tibetan chants and soft instrumentals that you can play when you arrive home. This has a calming effect and you can chill out for a while before thinking about food. Digital tech has empowered us regarding audio and video; wireless solutions bring us music to any location in the house and garden.
  2. Tibetan singing bowls – Check out these authentic Tibetan singing bowls that you can order from Australia’s leading meditation supplies provider. Sound plays an important role in our well-being and a singing bowl produces the perfect note for tranquillity and serenity; pure copper bowls handcrafted in Tibet are available at affordable prices. If you are into meditation, a Tibetan singing bowl is an essential accessory to put your mind in a reflective and receptive state; perfect for preparing to meditate.
  3. Scented candles – Scented candles can be infused with essential oils, creating a special aroma that permeates your home. Incense sticks or cones are also good for this; search online for an Australian supplier and place an order for a mixed selection.
  4. Indoor plants – Next time you have a free morning, drive to your local nursery and check out their indoor plants; exotic flora and fauna that brings nature into your living space. There’s something soothing about caring for plants; it brings a connection to Mother Nature that we all need in our lives. A few in the kitchen, a couple in the bathroom and if you have a free corner in the lounge, a small tree would be ideal.
  5. Floor-level lighting – Nothing calms you like dim floor-level lighting; search online for LED light fittings and choose a couple of units for the living room. This will also save energy, which is never a bad thing. Click here for ways to boost your libido.
  6. Natural materials – Bamboo is a wonderful species that makes for excellent furniture; you can even buy bamboo bedsheets and towels, while many kitchen implements are crafted from bamboo. Timber flooring is perfect for a natural ambience, while cotton fabric is perfect for curtains.
  7. Create a meditation space – It could be the spare room or even a corner of your bedroom; order a meditation mat and cushion from a leading Australian supplier and decorate the walls with some abstract art or a few Buddhist images.
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We all need to pay attention to our mental health & well-being, especially during these times and we hope the above suggestions work for you in helping to give your home a more harmonious ambience.


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