Budtenders Concluded The Best Cannabis Strains For Sex, Stress, Sleep, And More

With the growing legalization of recreational cannabis, a new survey conducted highlights nearly 50% of first-time buyers are quite embarrassed & nervous, and nearly 10% of them are dressed to avoid identity recognition. Also, QuestionPro – the global online survey company, instructed its panel comprising more than 1000 professional budtenders to get the best data on the various strains of uses to demystify people’s cannabis shopping experience.

Budtenders Concluded The Best Cannabis Strains

“While asking your neighbor may be one way of finding what’s trending, a more reliable and less embarrassing approach is going to your local cannabis dispensary and talking to a professional Budtender,” said Dan Fleetwood, President of Research and Insights at QuestionPro. “With this research, first-timers can confidently ask for products based on what they want to use it for.”

Budtenders guide customers regarding the benefits, effects, and overall experience of cannabis products. Dispensary employees act as an official guide to using the product related to cannabis and also customize the customer and patient services for the best experience. In short, they know the overall experience of the customers. Thereby, they have concluded their experience into different categories, and some of their findings are highlighted below.

Best Strain for Energy

  1. Pineapple Express 16.76%
  2. Green Crack holds 11.71%
  3. Sour Diesel accounts for 11.71%

Best Strain for the Munchies

  1. Black Diamond 13.12%
  2. Ice Cream 15.83%
  3. Cherry Pie 13.86%

Attributes of First Time Purchasers

  1. Around 32.42% of people are nervous
  2. 19.11% of the buyers are eager
  3. 15.45% people are embarrassed
  4. 12.52% are confident
  5. 11.11% of buyers are humble
  6. And 9.4% of people have dressed to avoid recognition
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Best Strain for Newbies

  1. Northern Lights attracts 16.59% of buyers
  2. Blueberry is liked by 13.63%
  3. And Blue Dream is liked by 11.91% of people

Best Strain for Stress

  1. Strawberry Banana 14.67%
  2. Lava Cake 11.45%
  3. Blue Cookies 12.31%

Best Stains for Sex

  1. Rainbow 15.91%
  2. Trainwreck 11.93%
  3. Watermelon Zkittlez 11.06%

Best Strain for Creativity

  1. Lemon Berry Candy OG 15.36%
  2. Burberry Cheesecake 14.56%
  3. Blue Dream 14.56%

Best Strains for Sleep

  1. Blackberry Kush 18.43%
  2. Master Kush 14.38%
  3. Purple Punch 13.08%

QuestionPro was founded in 2006 and is a global vendor of online survey and research services to assist organizations in facilitating better decisions based on precise data. The company offers the best distribution, creation, and analysis of surveys with effective tools for organizations from free consumer accounts to robust enterprise-level research. However, they also facilitate a platform for data visualization, mobile research, and polling. Around Fortune 100 companies depend on the QuestionPro to unlock useful insights regarding the marketplace, employees, and customers. It has offices in the UK, United Arab Emirates, India, Germany, Mexico, Canada, and the US. Also, the company holds specialists and engineers trained to help big and small organizations achieve their mission through data analysis.

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