Jun 06 2017
Advancing Resilient Systems for a Sustainable HIV Response

Overcoming health system challenges on the road to an AIDS-Free Generation by advancing resilient systems for a sustainable HIV response.

May 10 2017
Unlocking the Potential of Individuals, Teams, and Nations

On April 6, 2017, the LMG Project organized an end-of-project event celebrating achievements and lessons learned across more than 90 countries, in Washington, DC. 

May 08 2017
Navigating Devolved Health Systems

When projects draw to a close, it is important not only to reflect on achievements, but also to look forward and ask the hard questions—what have we learned, what problems remain, and how can we sustain our project’s legacy?

Apr 25 2017
Using Teamwork to Control Malaria

Long-term technical advisors can integrate with NMCP staff to identify and address the real gaps, challenges, and needs for malaria control activities.

Apr 24 2017
Putting Data in the Driver’s Seat: Unlocking data for decision-making with the PEPFAR Management Dashboard

To take advantage of the dashboard, organizations need to be ready to evolve from a report preparation mindset to one focusing on evidence-based decision making and analysis and from a “we’ve always done it that way” perspective to one that is more open to analyzing the vital signs of the organization’s performance. 

Apr 10 2017
Strengthening Health Service Delivery in Haiti: the Package of Essential Services

The updated Package of Essential Services is strengthening health service delivery in Haiti.

Apr 03 2017
Can Leadership, Management, and Governance Keep Health Workers Safe?

Read Temitayo Ifafore-Calfee’s guest blog post for World Health Worker Week, April 2-8, 2017.

Mar 09 2017
Strengthening Civil Society for Inclusion

Systematic exclusion from education and isolation from society prevents many vulnerable populations from becoming advocates, policy makers, and program implementers.

Mar 06 2017
Leading at Ethiopia’s Largest Hospital

Overcoming challenges to manage change in Ethiopia’s largest hospital.

Jan 31 2017
Newborns Get Birth Certificates Thanks to Inspired Leadership in Cote d’Ivoire

“In 2010, I was shocked to meet a child whose whole future was at risk, just for lack of a birth certificate,” said Dr. Fougnique Tuho, head doctor of Kaniasso Health Center in northern Côte d’Ivoire. “Without this piece of paper, a child could not even take the entrance examination for sixth grade.”