Jan 11 2016
Four Examples of How Mentorship Transforms Family Planning

Linking mentorship and leadership development to enable successful family planning programs.

Jan 05 2016
The LMG Project at the 4th International Conference on Family Planning

Join the Leadership, Management, and Governance Project at these events, from January 25-28, in Indonesia at the International Conference on Family Planning.

Dec 29 2015
Top 5 Leadership, Management, and Governance Stories of 2015

As 2015 closes, check out the five most popular blog posts from the past year.

Dec 21 2015
Responding to Trauma on Human Rights Day

Developing organizations that deliver essential services, under extraordinary circumstances, to those who need them the most.

Dec 18 2015
Universal Health Coverage Day 2015: Accountability for UHC to Leave No One Behind

Cultivating accountability for universal health coverage in the sustainable development era.

Dec 11 2015
Equitable Access in Universal Health Coverage

Too many conversations about “health for all” ignore a large portion of “all.”

Dec 02 2015
Making the World an Easier Place to Navigate for People with Disabilities

Far too often, people with disabilities face barriers to inclusion, and are not able to access transportation, employment, education, and other aspects of society.

Dec 01 2015
Strengthening the HIV/AIDS Response at all Levels

On World AIDS Day 2015, see how strengthening health systems at all levels can help put the world “on the fast-track to end AIDS.”

Dec 01 2015
LMG Mentoring Network: December Mentor of the Month

Each month, we have featured an interview with a different mentor or mentee to enable you to hear the their powerful story, as well as her advice for succeeding in the workplace. This month we have decided to highlight Kidest Hagos. Kidest works for Pathfinder International as the Deputy Country Representative in Ethiopia.

Nov 30 2015
Meaningful Accountability in Global Health

Meaningful accountability is everyone’s responsibility. As we aim high and look toward 2030, ensuring universal health coverage will reflect the global health community’s due diligence to build clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations in 2015 and 2016.