Building Capacity

Building Capacity

Individuals & the Health Workforce

The Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project strengthens health service delivery by training health leaders at every level of health systems. Although leadership, management, and governance skills are critical for improving health service delivery, most health workers are expected to learn these skills on the job. The LMG Project develops effective pre-service and in-service health leadership training courses. We recognize the importance of a diverse and representative health workforce and develop women public health leaders through leadership training, mentoring programs, and mainstreaming gender equity policies; and by engaging youth in leadership roles. We facilitate training, with tools like the Leadership Development Program Plus (LDP+), to equip health leaders with skills that help them identify and overcome barriers that prevent them from providing consistent high-quality health services. Other examples include:

Integrating Leadership and Management Training for Midwives

Promoting Women Leaders with Disabilites

Supporting Youth Leadership in Health

Institutions & Organizational Development

Building individual capacity is only one ingredient in the recipe for responsive health services and sustainable health systems. How can health service delivery organizations be expected to expand health coverage and solve public health challenges when they struggle to perform simple management functions? By integrating sound management systems and transparent governance processes, these essential health service organizations retain resilience in the face of both common and unexpected challenges.

  • In Uganda, we helped the Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC) to identify and overcome organizational challenges to help JCRC maintain its eligibility for donor funding and its status as a leader addressing HIV/AIDS.
  • Despite political unrest, our organizational capacity-building support has helped the Ukrainian Center for Socially Dangerous Disease Control (UCDC) thrive and position itself as a leading institution within the country’s health system reforms.
  • We support National Malaria Control Programs in seven countries to improve capacity in Global Fund grant management, governance, partnerships, malaria control activities, and supply chain management.