About Us


Despite the massive increase in global health aid in the past decades, and the efforts made by governments to improve the health of their citizens, progress toward meeting the health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is slow in many low- and middle-income countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Successful health interventions oftentimes achieve results, however in many cases these results are not sustained over time.

As the U.S. government enters a new era in international development through initiatives such as the Global Health Initiative and PEPFAR II, there is a strong emphasis on sustainability and country ownership within the health system strengthening framework. Development practitioners increasingly agree that improving the leadership, management and governance capacity of policy makers, health care providers, and program managers allows them to better implement quality health services, and meet local citizens’ health needs.

The Leadership, Management, and Governance Project

Funded by USAID, the Leadership, Management and Governance Project (2011-2016) collaborates with health leaders at all levels to improve leadership, management and governance practices to create stronger health systems and improve health for all, including vulnerable populations worldwide.

The LMG project works to:

  • Build the capacity of leaders to govern at all levels of the health system through models of personal and team empowerment
  • Advocate for investments in and improvement of leadership, management, and governance practices to achieve health gains
  • Enable global health leaders to address their own challenges, and achieve results
  • Use innovative and evidence-based approaches
  • Advocate for the professionalization of health management
  • Promote gender equity in all aspects of our work