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September 2017 – A Legacy of Leadership, Management, and Governance

September 2017 – Building Evidence on Strong Health Systems

September 2017 – Resilient Services and Sustainable Outcomes

August 2017 – The Network Strengthening Program: Helping HIV and AIDS networks thrive

August 2017 – Responsive Services are Sustainable Services

June 2017 – Reaching New Heights in Strengthening Health Systems

February 2017 – Passport to Leadership: Improving Postpartum Family Planning Services

December 2016 – Passport to Leadership: Governance

October 2016 – Developing the Next Generation of Health Leaders

June 2016 – Turning Back the Clock

April 2016 – Digital Tools for Health Leaders

February 2016 – Leadership is the Key to Achieving FP2020 Goals

December 2015 – Inspired Leadership. Sound Management. Transparent Governance.

October 2015 – Turning the Tables: WILD Women Beat the Odds

August 2015 – Shifting Perspectives: Young People Take the Lead

July 2015 – Journey to Restoration: Strengthening Afghanistan’s Health System

May 2015 – Leadership, Management, and Governance for Inclusive Health

April 2015 – Broadly Supporting Health Workers

December 2014 – New Year, New Tools

October 2014 – Good Governance for Stronger Health Systems

July 2014 – Innovative Approaches to M&E

May 2014 – Professionalization of Health Leaders and Managers

March 2014 – Gender Matters in Health Leadership, Management, and Governance

  • Gender Matters in Health Leadership, Management, and Governance
  • Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health: Walking the Talk on Gender Issues
  • LMG Hosts Online Discussion on “Women in Leadership” on LeaderNet
  • LMG Survey on Mentoring of Women Health Leaders
  • An Open Mind and Hard Back: Conversations with African Women Leaders
  • Gender in Health Governance Tool

January 2014 – Country Ownership: Perspectives from Around the World

November 2013 – Innovative Health Leadership Programs

September 2013 – Supporting Country Leadership in HIV and AIDS

July 2013 – Strengthening Health Through Governance

May 2013 – LMG: Empowering Women Health Leaders

April 2013 – LMG: Our Work in Fragile States

January 2013 – Establishing Leadership Academies within MOHs

November 2012 – The Importance of Evidence

  • Linking Leadership and Management Training to Health Service Delivery
  • The Importance of Evidence
  • Success Story: Sustainable Integration of Pre-service Curricula in Health Leadership and Management

October 2012 – LMG’s Work with Vulnerable Populations