3 Unusual Programs to Pursue After High School

Any high school student knows that planning for the future is something that must be started early on during these four years. It might be hard for a freshman to put the rest of their life in perspective, but the truth is that hard decisions have to be made during these pivotal years, and they often complement rather than hinder the high school experience. As you continue to grow and evolve through these formative years, you’ll quickly realize that you are gaining independence, confidence, and a greater depth of vision into the future.

Understanding the kinds of things that you like to do and experience can help you make these hard decisions much easier. But the process of adapting your interests to the job market in order to find a career that will satisfy your hunger for excitement and pay the bills can be another difficult stepping stone. Many college applicants find the assistance they need in this stage from an admission expert. Gaining tailored help from a counselor can help set you apart in the application process for acceptance into any type of learning environment. With these three great options, pursuing your dreams is easy.

1. The movie industry needs talented artists.

The movie industry needs talented artists

Film production relies on highly talented special effects designers and makeup artists to create the scenes that will mold the viewer experience. Entering into a special effects make-up program is a great way to learn the tools of the trade and take your makeup artist talents to the next level. There are a number of great professional programs out there that can help you gain the confidence and skills you’ll need to excel at the professional level here.

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Everything from wig design to the application of prosthetics goes into the special effects department and budget for shooting television and movie content, as well as in the theater setting. Those with a penchant for the arts can find real inspiration in a program designed to get the best in artistic talent out of students.

2. Consider specialized engineering tracks.

Consider specialized engineering tracks

Many students who excel at math and science will be lured toward the high salaries that engineers garner after finishing their degrees. Yet, for some, the prospect of designing bridges or other static objects for the rest of their careers isn’t all that appealing. The truth is that there are a huge number of applications that engineers can apply their craft to. One great option is in rollercoaster design. Imagining and crafting exciting rollercoasters for theme parks and construction outfits is one great option for a highly talented engineer. With the training needed to build engines, roadways, and ships, you can focus on some of the most exciting elements of our modern world and still use the gifts that you’ve been given in the sciences.

3. Try your hands at a woodworking apprenticeship.

Try your hands at a woodworking apprenticeship

Woodworking is making a comeback in modern times. Even in the age of IKEA furniture flat packing, people appreciate the quality and value of a finely crafted piece for their home. Whether a stunningly simple rocking chair or expertly carved figurine first captured your eye, the woodworking profession might be the perfect space for you if you love working with your hands to design and build technically beautiful objects that people will appreciate for decades to come. A finely crafted bed frame, dining room table, or even the iconic exterior Adirondack chair can be a game-changer in someone’s lifestyle and comfort. Bringing this to consumers is a great way to spend your days on the job.

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Consider these options for the most fulfilling career possible.


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